Nameless Has A New Song Despite Doctors Bed Rest Advise (Video)

David Mathenge better known as Nameless has been sick for a while and was advised by the doctor not to perform or strain himself.

Well, Nameless has released a new hit song to cub the tension in our country over the political state.

He took to his social media to announce of his new peace message song;

“Fam!!!… I know I am not supposed to be working 🙈🙈but I can share my new song, ama??!!!! I LOVE KENYA!!! SHARE SHARE THE POSITIVITY !!

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check out his new song;

Here are the reaction from his fans;

Lucille Mendez This should be the beat in our hearts every day. The lyrics should hang around our head. So perfect, perfect timing.

Auryl Auree It’s woow though I haven’t seen it till the end…May the Almighty God stretch the hand upon you…all will be well

myshy lysh Nmetoka wasafi tu sapot our own 😍! Nakesha hapa mpaka 10k views in 24hrs! It’s possible ryt Kenyans!

judnics2I really live that you thought to share it before the re-elections if am right to 254 that we are a strong nation united

peterbanziHallelujah.. MUNGU. Ni mwema ..kikubwa nikumuangalia kuish katika mapenzi yake. Lait kila mtu akeliyatenda makusudi ya [email protected] usingeimba ohwhy!ukiimba wimbo wa sifa na UTUKUFU.. Bt wee ni Nouma bonge la ngoma


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