Nameless Narrates His Experience In Hospital

Nameless has been in hospital since last month. He wrote on his facebook page pleading for his fans to pray for him and also revealed he would not attend a mega show in Uganda.

He wrote;

“I was really really looking forward to this Ugandan show with Eric Omondi . UNFORTUNATELY I will NOT be able to make it due to doctors orders. Been admitted in hospital since last week… Still undergoing treatment and observation and thus looks like tommorrow I can’t make it to Kampala. However I have talked with the promoters there and for sure we will organize another Kenyan Takeover once I get better. For now Eric Omondi is still going to represent us kesho very well (as we all know)accompanied by other top Ugandan comedians… Otherwise what I need from you fam is your prayers in this my recovery manenoz๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿพ

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The star known for hits like Butterfly and Sinzia was saved by the quick action of Nonini. They were attending a board meeting for PRISK when he had a persistent headache that would not go away. He was rushed to hospital where doctors made the decision to admit him.

Well, he was discharged from hospital on Sunday.

The couple has taken it to their social media to open up about the experience, after he was discharged from hospital.

Nameless has narrated his whole experience in hospital while thanking fans for their prayers;

Lovely visits from my galz would always lift my spirits… I have finally been discharged from hospital and now I am recovering well at home. I want to thank you all for your prayers and concern..It’s important to clarify some details of what took me to hospital in the first place. Three weeks ago towards the end of a PRISK board meeting I was overcome by and extremely painful headache and neck pains. I knew this was not just any kind of headache and knew something was wrong because the pain was escalating at a very high rate. Thank God for my fellow directors Daddy Owen and Nonini who quickly dashed me to nearest hospital.. I did a CT scan and was diagnosed with a life threatening situation called subarachnoid hemorrhage. This means some small blood vessels in the brain had ruptured and blood had leaked into the area between the brain and tissue and that was what was causing the intense headache. After afew more tests my doctor realized that fortunately my condition didn’t need surgery. What I needed was to be closely monitored in HDU and given the right medication to allow the leaked blood to dissolve , the raptured vessels to heal and the pain to be controlled . After about 2 weeks I was sent to the ward for afew more days of monitoring and pain management. I then did some MRI test that showed that there was no more leaked blood in the brain and that I could be discharge with some medication. Doc however advises me not to do any strainous works or air travel for some weeks until I am fully recovered. So that is why I have had to cancel all my October shows including Churchill in showground this passed weekend and a US mini tour that was going to happen from 20th October till November 4th. For me I am just thankfull to be alive and well .That whole experience has made me see life in a whole new perspective. Thank you again for your prayers and best wishes. For now let me take it easy and follow doctors orders…#GodlovesMe

His wife Wahu Kagwi also shared a message

“Last Sunday my husband was discharged from hospital. Nyakio told everyone from the hospital security, to the nurses that she has come to take her daddy home! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š. Joyful moment for all of us. Grateful for all your prayers and thanking God for His goodness. 1st peter 2:24- by His stripes we were healed”

In the picture which the wife posted, it is evident that Nameless was forced to cut his dreadlocks.




Here are some comments from his fans;

Tabby Kimani ..Amen God is owesome! I prayed for mathenge cz ilove you as a couple you are a role model to many ….may God hide you where enemy cannot see you may he fully recover in Jesus name!

Moniqar Wangรบ ..Waow my role models are here now I love this family no vituko no maringo may good Lord continue blessing you guys and healing upon nameless

giladmillo.. Great news sending all of you lots of love energies and wishing you only good health & happiness โค

blessednjugush.. Ameeeeen to life

purity__fine_grand_ ..To God be the glory,Nyakio is so sweet๐Ÿ˜ i can picture her saying all that…love you guys,you inspire many, May God stand in for your family trials ..

fridahtus All will be well and we thank God you out of danger.get well soon.




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