Wahu Kagwi and Nameless together

Nameless defends his marriage after fan said he can’t live without Wahu

Singer Nameless has emphasized that his marriage with his college sweetheart is built on a strong foundation.

In a recent post, the father of two responded to fans who said he would not be anything without Wahu.

The fans comment came after Wahu shared a throwback photo of them during their college days.

She captioned the post;

“Me and my campus boyfriend. only Jesus Christ and my big sister knew how much I loved this boy!”

The post elicited mixed reaction from fans with many praising the couple for standing by each other.

Here is what the fan wrote;

“Imagine no man can leave a woman if he knows she can do better without them. Its all starts with us not setting boundaries and worshiping them. Mathenge knows without Wahu, he is finished and she will do just fine without him.”

Nameless said it was very wrong for any fan to bring such an an analysis of their relationship.

“I choose to reply to you because I feel it is very unhealthy to promote such thoughts that people can be nothing without each other,” he wrote.

The father of two added thet they are together because they choose to be together, not because they are fearing being apart.

“That is something we decided early in our marriage. We decided that we have a choice and together or apart we would be fine … nobody will die. But we choose to be together because we have identified the value of our partnership in our individual journey,” he said.

Nameless discouraged people to promote the argument that a man is nothing without a woman or a woman in nothing without a man.

“That’s why many people are killing themselves or are killing their spouses, because of such thinking. We should promote, We are ok apart but can be better together,” he wrote.

He encouraged couples to learn how to accommodate each others strengths and weaknesses and have the humility to learn and grow in the relationship.

Wahu and Nameless has been together for over 15 years.

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