Nameless Couldn’t Resist! Singer Wahu Was Still Very Sexy Back In The Day (Photo)

Wahu Kagwi is not only a talented musician but also a beautiful mother of two and a loving wife to fellow singer and her main man, Nameless.

The veteran singer and Nameless, real name David Mathenge, are one of Kenya’s celebrity power couples who will be celebrating their 11 year anniversary in September.

The love birds are blessed with two adorable daughters, their first born Tumiso, who’ s turning 10-years-old in August and all grown up now and 2-year-old Nyakio Mathenge.

Wahu’s Husband, Nameless And Their Daughters

The family has remained strong even in the midst of divorce rumours back in 2014, which they completely refuted and have proved with time that they are closer than ever and still deeply in love.

Wahu is not only a singer but also a songwriter, businesswoman, actress and a former model during her hey days as a student at the University Of Nairobi. She’s also very intelligent and graduated with a degree in Mathematics.

She looks nothing like a mother of two with her youthful looks and a stunning body. She recently shared a throwback photo way before she got children, with former top girl group, Tatuu and the talented Mercy Myra back in the day.

“Me and my girls Tatuu and mercy Myra! 🙈” she captioned the amazing photo. Check out the photo below with Wahu looking all sexy and glamourous!






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