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Nairobi Woman Turns Down Mpango wa Kando’s Exotic Holiday, Still Loves Jobless Husband

Dear Kenyan men, do not generalise all women. Don’t call her promiscuous, lazy, immature, golddigger or stingy just because you dated someone who possessed all these characters at some point in your life. There are a few who are decent, loving, kind and faithful. They are ready to build an empire with you from scratch to something.


Well, a Kenyan woman has left Kenyans talking for days after she made certain confessions about her mpango wa kando (side dish). The woman, who didn’t want her identity revealed, claimed that her mpango wa kando is a wealthy man and they recently planned to celebrate her birthday in Mauritius, one of the beautiful countries in Africa. But she ‘pulled out’. The married woman further went ahead to confess how she loves her jobless husband and children and won’t ruin her marriage just because of money.


“Good morning mums
I need advice.. don’t bother running to my profile it’s protected.
So I met this guy sometimes last year.We’ve always been in touch just casual greetings until early this year he showed interest in me. He knows I’m married, he’s married too but still wanted us to have a relationship.

I refused but 1 week ago I gave in after looking at the bright side of it. This man was going to transform my life I felt it. He’s development conscious and not this kawa sponsors. We’ll we’d even planned a vacation to Mauritius, and I was to get a car from him on my birthday(BTW he’s very rich). But something behind has been telling me all this is wrong…. so last night. I looked at my beautiful children, my husband (who is jobless by the way) and decided wacha tuteseke but ain’t going on with the relationship. I sent him a long text and ended things which he accepted like a gentleman..

I sent him a long text and ended things which he accepted like a gentleman..Now tell me ,did I throw away an opportunity of a lifetime ama I did the right thing? NB I haven’t slept with him.

NB I haven’t slept with him.
No judging me please…..thank you,” she posted.

The post attracted a lot of comments with many fellow married women congratulating her for the brave decision. Check out some of the comments.

Lynn: You made a very wise decision dear, may God protect your marriage.

Ruth: Kudos dear, the money factor is very tempting, but never let it get into your head.God will reward you, just be patient

Laren: You made a wise decision…There will be some points in life you will feel some regret when things are not going your way, but don’t entertain it.I believe he will get a job and take you wherever you want to go.Patience pays.

Irene: That is the best decision you ever made. God bless you, pray for hubby, God is seeing all these and he will come through


Nduta: Marriage is for better or for worse. Your husband not having a job now doesn’t mean that he will never have one. Probably God is preparing him for a very big assignment. The decision you made was right as that would have led to committing adultery which is a sin. Please don’t listen to the devil who will keep reminding you of the holiday and the car. Listen to the Lord who says “for I know the plans I have for you. Plans for good and not for evil. Plans to give you a future and a hope”. Pray for your husband to experience an open door of opportunities remembering that there is nothing that is too hard for the Lord. Keep going, mum. Money can always be made. Your family comes first. Hugs!

Meg: It was wise of u, May God bless your marriage n give your hubby a job. A miracle is on the way for you, Keep the faith and never cease from praying.

Sarah: U did the right thing’ God will come through for you and your husband’s situation

Ellah: God surely was testing you and you made the right decision may God bless you and your family


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