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Nairobi Woman Representative Aspirant Karen Nyamu Speaks Out Over Scandalous Video

Have you seen the video circulating on whatsapp, showing a woman dancing suggestively, with many saying the individual is political aspirant running for the Nairobi Woman seat, Karen Nyamu?

Everyone believes it is her because the woman i the video resembles her so much. Here is a picture of Karen Nyamu versus that of the woman in question.

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-21 at 07.34.59

Well Karen Nyamu, who’s running on a Jubilee ticket has come out to deny she is the woman in the video. This is what she posted;

Inspite of her response, here are more comments from kot showing they still don’t believe her;

Just pose pose the same way take a pic then we’ll be the judges.

Mhesh, thank you for clearing the air but mnafana sana. Your beauty has earned my vote ASAP.

Of cause, you ain’t got such assets.

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