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Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko buys son Satrine Osinya a Sh6Million car for his 7th birthday

It was pomp and color at Mike Sonko’s Nyari residence as his adopted son Satrine Osinya celebrated his 7th birthday.

The flamboyant governor’s wife Primrose Mbuvi took to social media to shower her son with love in a heartwarming message that read:

“Happy Birthday 🎁🎂🎉 Satrine Osinya God has been faithful may He keep you safe 🙏🏾. I love you so much son.”

Satrine Osinya was gifted a Mercedes Benz E350 by his adopted parents and videos from the flashy birthday party were shared on social media by Saumu Mbuvi and her mother.

Sandra Mbuvi's birthday
Baby Osinya during Sandra Mbuvi’s birthday

The car is estimated to be between Sh6,313,241 – Sh6,968,769.
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Satrine Osinya


Satrine Osinya




Satrine Osinya


Mike Sonko's son Satrine Osinya's birthday
Mike Sonko’s son Satrine Osinya’s birthday


For those who don’t know Satrine Osinya, he’s the boy who survived a terror attack at the Joy in Jesus Church in Likoni on March 3, 2014.

Osinya, his mother, and brother were attending a church service when they were ambushed by armed gunmen. His mother Veronica Atieno died shielding him from the attackers’ bullets and had a bullet lodged in his head.

Photo of Baby Osinya and brother Gift in 2014 after thwy were attacked at a church in Likoni

Osinya underwent a three-hour surgery to remove the bullet at the Kenyatta National Hospital, which was successful.

Recently, Mike Sonko gifted his first granddaughter, Saumu’s daughter a red Range Rover worth over Sh15 million.

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