Naftali Kinuthia's dad

Naftali Kinuthia’s dad in court to support son after Ivy Wangechi’s murder

Naftali Kinuthia is expected to be arraigned at an Eldoret court to face charges for the gruesome murder of 6th year medicine student  Ivy Wangechi.

Ivy’s mother has refuted claims doing rounds on social media that her daughter was HIV positive.

Speaking during an interview with a local radio station she says

Its with a lot of regret that I want to say that I have learnt of an Ivy who only exists on social media.

That Ivy is not my daughter that must be another Ivy .

We have not heard at any one point that Ivy was sick ,rumor going round that Ivy was sick is being shared by people who are at their lowest moment.

Nobody paid school fees for Ivy except we the parents and the Kenyan government through JAB.

She had not introduced any suitor to us.

Naftali’s dad George Kinuthia has apologized for what his son did.

“We are really sorry for what happened this is really a difficult situation especially for the family of Ivy” ,he says.

George is a prominent businessman in Thika and hails from Gatanga. Ivy will be buried on Thursday and George says they will send elders to the funeral.

Naftali’s mother Nancy Kinuthia, during an interview with KTN, said that she still can’t believe her son Naftali Kinuthia killed Wangechi.

I have never had a problem with him and I was shocked to hear that he did that. He is a calm person and you would not expect such news.

I even told his father and he still cannot believe that it is Njahi who did this.

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