Nadia Mukami opens up about keeping pregnancy a secret

Nadia Mukami unveiled on International women’s day that she is heavily pregnant.

The singer also opened up about being 7 months pregnant and it’s a boy.

Nadia also expressed how deeply affected she was a miscarriage when rumors began several months ago that she was pregnant.

Nadia told blogger Eve Mungai that

‘It is not easy. Mothers don’t tell the truth. They only say 50% so morning sickness can be throughout the pregnancy, you are just sick. For me I had anemia. That was the major thing. I could not eat completely because of vomiting excessively. I have been hospitalized a number of times.For me the reason why I did not want to say it, I wanted to be okay for me to be able to tell people or the world that I am expecting my bundle of joy. There is nothing like hiding pregnancy, it is just that it is very personal, you just have to wait till you are ready to talk about it,’

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