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Nadia Mukami- I Have A Boyfriend Na Lazima Anioe

2020 was singer Nadia Mukami’s coming out year. The lady became one of the most talked-about singers in the country.

So much so that Nadia also claims that artistes from other countries have been messaging her asking for collabos. She is yet to confirm whom she’ll do a collabo with.

But Kenyans like all human beings still like knowing the intimate lives of the people they adore and so the same goes for Nadia.

And one thing that people always wonder about is a celebrity’s love life. For a time there, it was rumoured that she was seeing ArrowBwoy, something both, later on, came out to deny.

In a recent interview, Mukami revealed that she has a boyfriend. She adds that she will not reveal his face until marriage or engagement.

”… Nina boyfriend. Details are not important. Ile siku niko married ndio nitawaonyesha. Siezi enda kwingine. Yaani nilishamwambia by fire by thunder, we are getting married. You are not wasting my time. Lazima anioe…”

In a previous interview with Maina Kageni that took place in October last year, Mukami told the Classic105 host that she wasn’t dating at that moment.

Maina had asked her a question by a fan about whether Nadia was still single? “I am very very single,” she replied. Adding, “I am at a space where I want to reach a place with my music. Music is a jealous lover. I want to elevate.”

So what happened? Was it that a man was able to sweep her off her feet during that short period, or did she lie to Maina? Hmmm…

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