Otile and Nabayet

Nabayet’s declaration that will make Otile Brown go gaga!

Otile Brown breaks up and then writes a song about it. He doesn’t end there! He then goes on to sing about it. The singer has done so the past with his two relationships with Vera and Nabayet.

His song for Vera was a dirge about the drama he had endured from the curvy socialite. The one he sung for Nabayet was different with him asking for a second chance from the Ethiopian beauty, an apology tour if you please.

Otile and Nabayet
Otile and Nabayet

In the song, Otile tells her that he would marry her if she were to ask him to, something that shocked and astounded many of his fans.

What did Nabbi herself think of the song and its general sentiment? She recently spoke to her followers on Instagram. In a Q and A she did on her Instagram page, she was asked a couple of questions concerning the singer.

It was a session that attracted positive answers from the Ethiopian beauty and one that signaled to fans that there might be still hope for her relationship with Otile.

Otile and Nabayet
Otile and Nabayet in the past

The first question was one word to describe Otile’s character and her answer was “Distinct” – one that stands out from the rest. That wasn’t all, the second question was whether she still loved her ex-Kenyan lover? Her short and to the point answer was, “Yes”.

Nabayet then filled her followers with more hope and mirth when she told her followers that she believed in second chances in relationships saying, ‘Absolutely!’

Nabayet posing in yet

Is this the sign that Otile might need to start pursuing Nabayet again?

Methinks that him rekindling the relationship would be a bad decision. Never go back to a past relationship. There is a reason the relationship failed the first time and that same reason will most likely cause the demise the second time.

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