‘Mzungu’ conman in Naivasha has got many talking about his strategy


The things that a conman has been doing all the way from Naivasha to persuade people to send him money has generated interest.

Mostly because many have encountered the con, with some losing thousands of shillings in the process.

Think you can spot a fraud from a mile off? A Twitter thread about a ‘mzungu’ con in Naivasha has got many talking. Read the thread courtesy JohnNjenga on Twitter.


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Also read reactions from KOT on the same matter:
I know this mzungu lady.She sent me photos of a vx 100 series a KBA which had hit a bull i presume and claimed she needed financial aid 20k to be exact for the one bull and bribe a cop i didn’t buy it finally she faked being attacked by maasai herdsmen finally i blocked beware!

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The same thing happened to me in 2016. A “mzungu” from Narok was coming to buy some plotters he got stuck in limuru where he told me the police had arrested him for overspending now that he had no cash and the money in bank was in dollars which was accessible upon arriving.
This game is atleast 5 yrs old. I listed my car on OLX a while back and this guy tried to con me. Only he claimed on his way from Narok to Nairobi he was arrested by NTSA for speeding and needed help with cash bail, 20k. That’s when I knew he was a Kenyan con, not even white πŸ˜ƒ
@Aketcheryl..a inakuja ya mzungu ama?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. How can someone be fooled thrice?
It’s unfortunate what befell him.. this craze about mzungu trust is what’s ruining lives..people tend to think they can’t get raw deals with wazungu and hence the trust ruins them..let’s beware..nowadays, they’re using love issues too to swindle Africans cash

On my case a guy told me he has hit piki ya mayai so anadai 5K to pay off. I sent 50 bob nikamwambia anunue credo yenye ame waste lol!

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We know this old con tactics of sijui foreigners calling you claiming they are at a petrol station with foreign currency, later on they sent you such pics of an accident heheee. I can’t fall for this tricks

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