Abdul Juma with Diamond Platnumz

Mzee Abdul says he was hurt when Diamond rejected him as his dad

Diamond Platnumz’s father, Abdul Juma has broken silence on the paternity issue.

Abdul said he does not blame Diamond for the saga but blamed his mum. He further accused Sanura of confusing Diamond by saying one Nyange sired him.

Speaking to Global Publisher, Juma said;

“Diamond has not spoken because his mother confused him with these claims.
I had never heard of Mzee Nyange till Sanura came out with the claims, and that is why I told Diamond to stop using my name.”

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Abdul Juma with Diamond Platnumz
Abdul Juma with Diamond Platnumz

Abdul said that he has let go of the anger and has allowed Diamond to continue using his name.

“I was hurt when Diamond rejected me. I was indoors for two months. People only forgot about the saga when Magufuli died.”

“On Eid, I was asleep when I received some money on my phone. I received a call, and it was Diamond speaking.
He identified himself as my son. I called Sheikhs and neighbours to my house, and we held prayers and had a meal together,” he said.

Diamond’s half-sister Queen Darlin also sent him money on the same day.

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