Diamond and his father

Diamond shouldn’t attend my burial – Mzee Abdul says after claiming his mom bewitched him

Diamond Platnumz recently spoke about the bombshell that he knew that Mzee Abdul wasn’t his biological father back in 2000.

Mzee Abdul who had already spoken about the issue had more words to say, adding that he was really shocked by Chibu’s words but he is fine and that his life will go on.

Diamond's father
Diamond’s ex-father, Abdul

Speaking during an interview with Mbengo TV, Mzee Abdul held that Diamond should thank him and respect him because he is the one who raised him.

He also said that he deserves recognition as he is the one who encouraged Diamond’s mum when she was pregnant and would have done the opposite, leading to him being aborted but did not, owing to the love he had for Mama Dangote.

Diamond Platnumz's father Salim
Diamond Platnumz’s real father Salim

The pain could be felt in his speech as Mzee Abdul then went on to even bar Diamond from attending his burial should he fall and die today.

”I respect their decision. He has been helping people, his mum and others and ignoring me even in my sickness. I want him to know I don’t need his money and I do not need his help, I will get help from my other children. He is not God.” Mzee Abdul said.

Diamonds dad matatu
Diamonds dad matatu

He wrapped up by stating that Diamond is a good kid who he fears has been bewitched by his mother.

“I know Naseeb is a good kid but am sure his mum influences some of his decision, am sure she even bewitched him. I do not need his money, and even when I die, let him not come to my burial, I have people who will do that,” Mzee Abdul finished.

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