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 Mya pulls off secret wedding and impresses fans about keeping hush hush


While we know of many famous people who love to turn their nuptials into a star-studded public affair, this one has opted to keep things hush hush.

The latest to do so?

RnB singer Mya is said to have secretly wed in a ceremony held December 2019 in Seychelles.

Mya, 40, married in a private ceremony and not one picture of the groom has been shared.

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Her fans are definitely impressed and congratulated her for keeping things secret.
🇭🇹 CluelessCurl ..
Congrats to Mya!!! She did a good job controlling the narrative. Her husband is still a mystery. I don’t blame her at all.
Finessa Hudgens..
Mya got married two months ago in Seychelles and we haven’t seen nary a hair follicle of her new husband.

Good! I wish more celebrities would force us to mind our business.
Skip Baeless..
One day I’m gonna pop up on the TL in a wedding dress and be married. Just like mya. No caption no picture of my husband, nothing. The ultimate goal 💁🏽‍♀️

Other stars who have pulled off the almost impossible fete of getting hitched out of the public eye include Beyonce, Elani’s Maureen, The Rock among others.They later caught fans by offguard when they shared photos from their surprise nuptials



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