My wife would burn our house if I told her I have other children

Ladies ,what if your husband has a secret love child?

Many Kenyan men have secret children and have no intention of ever telling their wives as old on the morning discussion on Classic 105.

And this is the dilemma that several men recounted they are facing of whether or not to tell a wife that there are secret children.

As one put it, he fears the consequences of his wife finding out.

you know you can’t ell your wife what you’ve done, it’s like setting your house on fire. I’m married and I have kids out there, and I have never told her (my wife). I have one kid, and I’m taking financial care of the child plus we meet alot with the secret woman. You can’ risk telling your wife and burning down your house. If I tell her, I i know her she can burn our house, labda she knows from elsewhere, but ni ngumu I tell her, there are peopel who know about the other kid, so they might tell her


Another man agreed with the above viewpoint saying

 countrywide we have so many women compared to men, so men must give those women who dont have children, those are the most disrespected women countrywide, mtu mamekaa more than 30 years without children, so we are helping these women to have children, 

Maina was dumbfounded by the men’s argument and blasted them saying

who said having children out there is a small matter and that’s why you don’t tell them? what is she supposed to do? ebu call me coz me I’m going mad here, ladies ebu give em a call. these men aren’t getting it ladies,

Co host Mwalimu wanted to know why women get so upset about this very small matter of having a child or two out there.

women like complicating things, its a small matter, and I hope you will take me slowly, can we agree that indeed there are men with children out there. Maina you are overreacting, we provide financially and everyone is ok, no one is hurt, don’t complicate it, huwezi kuwa kamati ya roho chafu, so hatutalala hawa!!! watoto ni wetu

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