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My wife turned me into her domestic slave – Kisii man cries out

My wife turned me into her slave and I didn’t realize until it was too late, was the sad confession a man made on Classic 105.

This follows a conversation on air where men urged their peers not to do housework regardless of how things are at home.

This sentiment was backed by co-host Mwalimu Kingangi who said

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women get used to such, so men should not help at all, women are very good at adopting, if you teach her you can cook and wash dishes she will get used to it, and you will keep doing the housework, watazoea,

Maina blamed this thought on men who are not ‘woke’.

Mwalimu added that

As a man you need to be very firm otherwise ukimzoesha ata mea pembe. 

women are people to train to teach like a puppy

‘swali ni how do you stop when she gets used to it?’ the day you stop that will be the day!

And here is where a man called in with his sad story of falling victim to the ‘zoea’ mentality in Kenyan women.

He narrated how he was there to fulfill her every demand and never questioned her.

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Back in 2013 I was a very romantic man. I would prepare meals, even wash clothes, we would go out to shop together at the supermarket. As time went by she started waking up at noon, asking me to prepare food for her.

Inspite of this he put on a  brave face and big smile

as time went by we got a baby boy and after delivery I would do everything, take care of baby for three months and it didn’t change because I thought she was tired. She continued even when the baby was older, thinking I would do everything. she would say ‘oh honey do this for me, and later I began to feel my self esteem in the house was affected, it’s very wrong. Now we are divorced.

He is now a changed man and has sworn off ever doing housework again. His advise to others?

 it is wrong for a man to do housework, it is how we (men) train them (women) to think 

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