My wife took off with my life saving of Sh600,00 after I lost my job

During the burial of the late Simeon Nyachae on Monday February 15th, one of his widows advised Kenyan men that they should invest in their wives, lest they are left alone in old age.

Grace Nyachae addressing mourners said

“Young men, invest in your wives. When it became necessary, I was ready to look after Mzee because over the years he had invested in me. When you don’t invest in your wife, when your time of need comes, pahali ulikuwa wacha wakuchunge,” Mrs Nyachae said.nyachae picture widow

And this was the topic Maina Kageni and Mwalimu spoke about on Tuesday morning. Maina asked Kenyans to give their opinion on her advise and one man said he regrets investing in his wife.

The man confessed that

“Maina let me tell you. I’m a very young man in marriage. And I don’t agree in that advise of investing in your wife, through my experience. I have one kid with my wife. I was workign abroad for ten years, then last year, job ikaisha because of corona, and I returned home. I had 600k in my savings, then I saw I talk to my wife how we can save the money together,  I told her to keep it safe,  I told my wife hii pesa tusave kwa account yako, coz I’m new in Kenya. Right now as we speak, I don’t have a wife, alitoroka na kila kitu I was just left there. Alienda na kila kitu, I can tell you hii generation  tuko nayo, Maina I’m telling you I’ve been away ten years, she’s gone with my child, so mimi naishi right now kwa nyumba ya mabati, yet I used to live in a two bedroomed house. I told her we put the money in a joint account, she convinced me to give her atm, that was the last time I saw the money, and that was my escape plan coz job iliisha juu ya corona”

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