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My wife stopped me from seeing my parents for 20 years



For 20 years, a man has not seen his parents because his wife doesn’t want him to.

He blames his wife for the breakdown in his relationship with his parents,but Classic 105 fans were not having it.

Many told him off saying ‘this is total madness, you can’t blame your wife ati she prevents you from seeing your parents’

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Another said ‘That’s your st*pid decision and shame on you’ he was blasted.

What exactly is the mans story. He explains below:

Since 2002, my wife to be denied me from visiting my parents, I came to Nairobi in 2002, cohabited with her in Langata and I’ve never gone to see my parent since then, she threatens when when I tell her I need to go back home.

This upset listeners who said this is an even bigger issue for others. This view was supported by a female fan who wrote on Twitter after tagging Classic 105 that

‘Iv’e got a brother who left home when I was in High School came back after I was done with even college only to find out that had passed away two years ago and he wasn’t even aware coz we had no way to reach him’

These revelations arose from the Thursday morning conversation where Maina sought to know  why men leave their parents and never return home to help out their parents financially.

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Do you know of such cases? What has been the solution from family members in dealing with such drama?

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