My wife should ask for permission five months prior to see her relatives

Is a marriage healthy when one spouse has to ask for permission to do anything, even leave the house to go shopping?

That is the challenge facing one Kenyan marriage after a man bragged how hi wife is required to ask for permission at least five months in advance, if she wants to see her relatives.

The humiliation and embarrassment he puts her through stems from the fact that way too many Kenyan women have the freedom to do whatever they want nowadays.

Therapists and other marital experts says that different decisions require different input from your spouse. For instance if you want to make a major career move, then that requires your spouses input, but others like going to the supermarket only requires notifying g him as courtesy.

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So this husband doesn’t believe his wife can be entrusted to make a good decision.

He told a stunned Maina Kageni that

‘There are these things called womens rights, they want to won things, they need freedom to go anywhere without being asked questions. But sio kwangu. She cannot go anywhere even if I’m not performing, they should remian at home look after me and kids. If I’m not performing I can give her money to make up for it. But she should ask for permission because I own her, even her name changes to mine. I expect my wife to ask for permission if she wants to go somewhere she is mine and she should behave the way I say and she should tow the line because she got that rib from me. I can’t allow my women to hop from bed to bed without permission. She should ask for permission five months prior to see her relatives’

A little bit harsh if you ask me, but to each his own.

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These are the signs of a controlling husband: 

He separates your from your family and friends

He constantly criticizes you

He manipulates you into getting what he wants

Overly jealous

They need to know everything

Girls do you have such a husband and what do you do? Drop your comments below.

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