‘My wife found out about my affair yet she still serves me food while smiling so hard, I’m scared she might kill me’ City man confesses

You have probably heard the phrase revenge is best served when cold and how true it is for a man whose wife found out he was cheating.

More often than not women are known to be dramatic, and violent is some cases when they find out their men are cheating but this wise woman has kept silent and the husband is getting scared.

” My Wife knew I have been cheating on her 6 months ago and never said a word, I did some smart thinking,and figured out I could hide it without her knowing but she found out and pretended for this long. She told me last night that I am cheating on her and I don’t have to deny it,  she even mention the day I started the affair..

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The way she said it got me scared, I could not eat last night even this morning. She will serve my food and be smiling,am so scared,  am on a guilt trip, am so scared to eat her food. How will she know and still be acting normal for the last 6 months? I love my wife and I don’t want to loose her”

Well like any man who has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, the man is sacred that his wife might be up to something mischievous otherwise how could she be so calm in such a situation.


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He would rather hear her scream and yell at him than sweetly smile at him while serving him food after finding out about his ufisi character.

“All I want to tell her is that am sorry, she should stop smiling and serving my food it gets me scared.. Men  always know that your wife or girl is not a Fool, Women just have this instinct place by God to know when you are cheating no matter how smart you play, I don’t know how, but they know..

Baby I love u and I will never do it again I was a fool for cheating on u.. just stop smiling when u see me, it kills me .”

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