‘My wife cleared my account off of ksh 850,000 in a week’ cries city man

Mwalimu King’ang’i is still trying to understand why women are never accountable for the money men give to them, to take care of the family’s needs.

This came about after a classic 105 fan called in yesterday and confessed that he took a loan of Ksh 850,000 to build rental houses only for the wife to spend it all elsewhere.

The main problem is that she has refused to disclose where or what she spent the cash on, getting angry at any efforts from the hubby to inquire about the cash.

“Maina I took a loan of Ksh 850,000 so that we could build 5 rental houses. My wife suggested that I give her Ksh 100,000 so that she could also go back to her dads place and work on another project.

A week later I went to check out the progress only to realize that she had swept  my account clean, upto date that house is incomplete because I swore not to invest a dime on it.

She has refused to talk about it and whenever I try to, she gets angry but I still love her all the same.”


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Classic 105 listeners called in and here is what they had to say

“I have a friend of mine whose wife asked for Ksh 20,000 with his phone at one time he went to a bank to ask for a loan only to find that he had been blacklisted.”

Another says

“You can give a woman ksh 40,000 for food everyday and when you ask for change she will keep saying hana. They invest this money in chamas and become millionaires.”

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