My wife cheated on me with my kid brother do i fight for her or do i let go?

Betrayal not only breaks your heart but also  darkens your soul,you can never forget the pain its like a fog that lingers in the depths of your mind forever.

Its like  a person shredding your heart into pieces as you helplessly  watch it but it is even more painful when the person betraying you is someone you share blood ties with.

A man is in turmoil after his wife left him only to ditch him for his brother leaving behind their daughter.He wrote

“My wife just left me for my younger brother and I am helpless with our daughter.We have been married for 3 years before I discovered she was sleeping with my kid brother, I tried to talk to her but she said she is in love with him.I invited my parents but they did not help much .Should I fight or let go . This is a boy I saw all through school .”

‘I thought my baby daddy would always be there’ Pierra sadly narrates

Here are the responses he got

damandzYou don’t fight all battles .. Sometimes you walk away from some to have a greater and glorious victory….let her go..
chidera884Bro let go and just chill let karma do it’s work
yem_ogunsHmm… Let them be and see how God fights your battle.
pearlcutsLet her go and see how things will turn out for them
ola323_kazeemPoster let her go and take care of ur daughter karma will catch up
adei_xShe found love with your younger brother,,,let go, you were only used to connect them…pls be strong

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ms_flora_0Nope don’t waste your time fighting for her…he’ll soon leave her for a fresher girl and hopefully by then you’ll find someone better then she’ll be the one doing the fighting😁
jane_iwinosaFight for ur woman and d mother of ur children, don’t allow ur children to b affected by her decision, because dis will cause a lot of disaster in d family if u let go. Ur children might not b able to take another woman as there mother. U might not find a good woman whom will love ur children as her. So fight and don’t give up. The bible said wat God have joined together let no man put asunder not even ur kidbro.
dickmatized…dont worry their karma will hit them sooner than you think…
yenejidleave them for karma

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