My wife called my mum to pick her broke son after I lost my job


Fellas, does your woman celebrate and honor you when you are down?

One city dad answered a straight no to this question.

His experience at the hands of his wife reveals some dark moments he never wishes on anyone going through tough times.


He confessed that

I dated a woman whose life was very good until I lost my job

Nothing unusual there, as many experience the same something. His case though is different as he continues his harrowing life after joblessness.

She became very evil women she would send messages to my mother saying ‘come pick your broke son I don’t need him in my house’.

And this is one thing

couple pics
couple pics

I need to tell you. I pulled out of this relationship in less than three months and to date she cries about it and she now lives a miserable life

He added



I know we humans should not celebrate when a human is going through a hard life, but I celebrate the fact that she is now suffering coz of what she decided to do to me when I need her the most. There was a day she needed help the most, she was going through a difficult time and I had a party with my friends to celebrate that fact, that’s how much I hate her, so for all the men who want to sit in their houses and watch what women are doing what men should be doing tell them to wake up, go get a kibarua, show her you can do it, there is nothing wrong as a man going back to ushago, but don’t let her support you coz one day you will cry.


Dear Classic 105 fam, what’s the worst thing you have experienced in such situations? Drop your comments below.

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