My wife almost got killed driving a car bought from William Ruto – Sonko

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has recounted how his wife, Primrose Mbuvi and kids survived bullets sprayed at her car by Flying Squad officers.

The car, a Range Rover (KAQ 535W) had been purchased from Deputy President William Ruto through a car dealer, Ng’ang’a Mundia at ksh7.5 million.

The car originally belonged to former President Daniel Moi who had decided to dispose of it after being involved in an accident.

Sonko recalled the horror of that ordeal from over 10 year ago.

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 Here is his account, verbatim.

“As I was celebrating my birthday with my family earlier today, my mind recalled a story in the year 2008 when flying squad officers led by the so called no nonsense eagle one sprayed bullets on the car the woman behind my success.

The current first lady of Nairobi was driving The occupants in the car were all my kids,Our memories are still very fresh.

A few days before that material day former retired President Daniel Arap Moi’s car was mysteriously stolen from CMC yard where it had been taken for service.

My wife had bought a range rover (KAQ 535W) which was being used by the former President after it was involved in a road accident at 7.5m by the then Agriculture minister whose the current DP through a car dealer called Nganga Mundia.

After this sale the former President Moi acquired another brand new state of art range rover.”

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He further narrates

“Many people confused this car with that owned and driven by my wife then.

Flying squad officers launched a manhunt for the stolen Moi’s car.

One Saturday morning as my wife and kids were leaving the house to go for shopping, they were stopped by flying squad officers who were haunting for the stolen car but my wife refused to stop after sensing that over 5 vehicles were trailing them.

She immediately called and told me she’s suspecting carjackers want to block and kidnap them.”

He adds

“As she tried to speed the flying squad officers opened fire randomly at the car, luckily the car was armoured nobody was hurt.

At some point she stopped her car after being cornered, together with the kids prompting her. They were forced to open the windows and come out of the car while putting their hands up.

At this juncture the flying officers had realized that the occupants of the circulated vehicle were all harmless.

They were all arrested and taken to Buru Buru police station.

Later my wife was escorted to the house to collect ownership documents.

This is how innocent Kenyans meet their deaths. My message to you, if a police officer stops your car just comply with the order and stop.

As a family we glorify the name of the living God for this day.”

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