‘My step dad raped me and my mum just said it’s ok since we are not related by blood’ Woman narrates ordeal

The rate at which women are being sexually abused by their male relatives is alarming with most committing suicide or getting into depression.

During the Classic 105 show, a woman narrated how an uncle  took advantage of her poor background to demand for sexual favors so that he would continue paying her fees.

“My uncle told my parents that he would help pay my education back in Nairobi and they accepted. When I eventually came to Nairobi everything went well for the first term and the second one but in third term he told me that I had to sleep with him so that he continues paying my school fees.

I was desperate so I accepted and the worst thing is that my aunt had traveled so I could not talk to her, so recently I missed my period and on taking a test I found out I am pregnant.”


She adds that on telling her uncle about the shocking news, he distanced himself from it all adding that she should find somewhere to live.

“I told my uncle and he blankly told me’hajui hio story and nafaa kutafuta mahali pa kukaa’. I cannot risk going back to my fathers place because I fear he might beat me up or he might to send me away.”

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Another woman also narrated how she was raped and that she is expecting twins, adding that she feels helpless because she does not know what to do.

“I am Shiru and I have been passing though the same tribulations. I am only 17 and my step dad raped me and when I told my mother she told me it is ok since we are not related by blood. I am now pregnant with twins and I do not know what to do.”

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Another female caller narrates how her blood uncle, who is her father’s best friend, tried to rape her and when he failed he made a vow to himself to never show any love or affection.

“I am in shock, personally there is a time my uncle tried to rape me but thanks to my kichwa ngumu he did not succeed. He had been told to help me get me a job because he was the best friend to my dad.

Up to date he hates me so much but I never really told my dad about it but I told my mum to please stop sending my uncle to get me a job because his main aim was sleeping with me.”

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