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‘My song saved a dying woman during delivery’ Confesses Chris Shalom

Nigerian gospel artiste Chris Shalom has had inspiring testimonies from his music fans throughout his music journey which is loved worldwide.

The artiste, who has visited Kenya for the first time, told Word Is he is so amazed by the ways Kenyans love his music and support him.

“My music has once saved someone from committing suicide. At the time he was planning the suicide, my music was playing in the background. And as he was almost dying, his spirit got connected to my music and he was saved, and later he wrote me a very lengthy mail, telling me how my music delivered him from taking his life away.”


He further goes to narrate how another fan confessed on being saved by his song Beautifier

“Another one testified to me how one of my songs, My Beautifier, saved her while in theatre. She was to undergoing a CS and the situation was very critical that even the doctors were not sure she or the baby would survive. She started singing one of my songs and the doctors also learnt the song together, and they managed to successfully save both the baby and the mother.”


The hit maker was inspired to do music by his mother, who was then a choir member in her church.

“I started singing at the age of nine, but professionally about 20 years ago, after I studied music at the University of Lagos,”

My mother used to carry me while going for practice in church because I was her last child. And so everywhere she was, I was always with her, and that is how I got interest in doing music.

The seed was sown in me at that early age, and when I told my mother I wanted to do music at the university, she gave me a go-ahead and I thank her for that.”

Shalom passionately adds that before his fathers death the man fully supported him and thus it has made things smooth.

“Before my father died, he never objected my decision to do music, and so it has been a smooth sail. My nephews and nieces are also singing and I believe in the near future they will be in music.”


Shalom is eying collabos with Kenyan artistes.

“At the moment I am working on something with Guardian Angel, who was introduced to me by my host prophet Akama of Tent of Testimonies. But I am also listening to other Kenyan artistes, like Rev Ruth Wamuyu.”

He cited Don Moen and Kirk Franklin as some of the artistes who inspired his music.Shalom has a wife he’s been married to for 11 years.

“We are trying to get children, trusting God for his time to bless us with children.”

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