‘My son found photos of my ex wife and her lover’ Cries city man

Today’s morning conversation on Classic 105, was based on why men do not confront their women even after finding out they are cheating.

Many admitted that some of their women cheat to an extent of bringing the men they are cheating with to their matrimonial bed.

Maina Kageni was left in shock after a man confessed that his wife had been cheating im her for 1 and a half years before he was able to confront her.

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He says

“Maina I thought I was the only one going through this, my ex wife used to cheat and I knew the guy who she was cheating with.

However I never asked her because I wanted to just watch and see how it would unfold.

After  I started suspecting she was cheating I became more keen and I would notice her being dropped home by another man and upon inquiring she would say that I am just jealous.

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One time I traveled to Mombasa when I received a text from my house help telling me that my wife was in the house on our bed with another man.

Feeling hurt I texted her asking her why she was doing what she was doing realizing that she had been found out she fired the house help.”

He adds

“I kept in contact with the help and she told me that my wife and her lover would wait for every time I traveled and they would practice all kamasutra styles on our bed.

Despite all the hurt and betrayal we were still together, but the final straw came after my son picked up a memory card full of photos of my wife and her lover.


We were just at home when my son saw the card on the floor and gave it to me I decided to check what was inside, to say I was shocked would be an understatement.

The card had photos of them in a lodging, in a swimming pool and even in our bedroom, I knew it was our bedroom because I could see my clothes hanged on the wall.”

In conclusion the man says that he kept quiet because he did not want to do something he would later regret

“Maina she cheated for 1 and a half yeas but I did not react I always wonder kwani nilkua  nimerogwa.”

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