‘My Sisters Paid My Bills Despite Being Married for 19 Years’, Confesses Kenyan Woman (Audio)

It is a new year and we are back to the morning conversations at Classic 105 and sitting in for Maina Kageni is Drive presenter Mike Mondo.

Todays topic focussed on the fact that women forgive but they never forget. They will give men as many chances as possible, but don’t expect her to forget the incident. Kweli, rongo?

Mwalimu was of the view that unlike women, men do genuinely forgive and forget..

Mike therefore asked the ladies to explain to the men why they can’t  let bygones be bygones.

The discussion elicited mixed reactions from the listeners with each gender supporting their own perception of the topic.

One female caller narrated her experience of being married for 19 years, and that her partner was abusive to her during this time with things often turning physical.

The man all this time wasn’t paying the bills and so her sisters took it upon themselves to do so yet she was married.

The man would not sleep at home and returned the next day. She however claimed that she divorced the man and swore not to go back to him.

Listen to the whole conversation below;


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