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My side chicks call connected to my bluetooth in traffic with my wife


A bluetooth device gave away a mans cheating ways. His confession was made on the Classic 105 conversation where Maina wanted to know what happens when wives and side chicks call each other, plus why they do it.

This is something that happens alot and men need an answer coz you will never find men doing this. If you are a wife who has done this or are the other woman calling, coz men never do it. Let’s talk about you calling the other woman, when you call her what do you want ladies, ebu tuongee.”

So this man confesses that his wife has been having suspicions about him cheating. He told that his wife complains about similar numbers always calling his phone. But the cheeky man insisted those were his co workers to save himself from a fight. Married

Unfortunately, being stuck in traffic in the company of his wife was the day he was caught. His bluetooth connected and a woman was heard calling him darling sweetie. He described it to Maina

“Aki the number flashed on my screen and she brought up the conversation.”

He tried gaslighting the wife but she wouldn’t have it.

“Nnie maundu maya sometimes it’s very freaky. Hii Nairobi let me tell you Maina, my side chick called my wife and when she picked up, she said I want to speak to nani, so  I was like and who are you? she said no I am the colleague so I asked which colleague, weuh kalinuka and then surprisingly she has monitored the names on my phone, so this one time in traffic my bluetooth is bad the side chick calls me in the car and shouts ‘sasa sweetie’ nie reke gwire, I was ready to be swallowed”

A tickled Maina wanted to find out more moshene, but the man insisted his wife was near and wasn’t about to revive her anger. So he hang up.

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