‘My pastor sent me photos of his D*** and I love what I see, he wants to eat me halafu aninulie plot in Embu town’ Woman brags

An Embu woman is in a dilemma after receiving intimate photos of her pastors manhood, something that has left her lusting over them.

Despite being a man called to serve, the pastor in question has been entertaining the lady even sending her cash every other day with the hope of tasting the forbidden fruit.

Whether the money is part of the congregations tithe is something we are yet to confirm, but what we know is that the lady ameingia box na ikafunikwa.

She wrote

“Vuteni stul niwape udaku Haki you guys help me out, there is this pastor of deliverance church, embu. He is the man who led me to church and has been our family pastor and very very close to my mom. Now he has been sending me his manhood kwa phone and its not bad at all….am tempted but also fear at the same time. On a daily basis ananitumia 3k eti ni airtime…now he wants to eat me halafu aninulie plot in embu town. He is married and over 50 yrs. Please don’t judge just advise a sister am confused.”

What would you advice her to do? Would you give in and get the plot ama would you keep it closed?

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