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My pastor boyfriend has forced me to abort six times

If you thought you were having a bad relationship just because he keeps on pushing forward your wedding day, you’re wrong. Think about that lady whose boyfriend is cheating on her or rather wasting her time.

Well, a confused city girl has shocked many after she confessed that her pastor boyfriend forced her to abort more than five times just because he’s not ready to settle down with her. According to this woman, she’s four months pregnant (seventh time) and the man of the cloth has asked her to abort or else he commits suicide.

Here is what she wrote;

“I have aborted 6 times for him, all he keeps saying is that he is not ready. If I insist on keeping it he threatens to kill himself. If I beg him to use protection, he will start crying in bed and begging me, ok do withdrawal method he will not agree.

Now I am pregnant again and he is asking me to abort again and I refused this time, and he threatened to kill himself, I ignored him and told him to feel free to die but I will not kill my child again.

He disappeared for one month, came back with a story that his pastor said that the child is a demon and will bring bad luck , I refused still. Now he just confessed to me that he is a married man and his wife is also pregnant and he can’t take care of 2 kids at the same time. He said he is a pastor in his church and it will be a disgrace to his family, he has been begging me to abort. I am 4 months pregnant. I am still a student and don’t have anybody to take care of me. Should I abort the baby? What should I do? Please help.”

Check out some of the reactions from social media

Lilian_mojek: When you’re meant to be thanking God that you can still conceive after 6 abortions

Jaenifah: You didn’t remember you were a student when you opened your legs for him??

Light4726: He is a demon not a Pastor and u are a dead parson if u abort this one

Crownsho: He didn’t love u girl u can take care of ur baby and let him be

Miz_petite: Imagine if this would be the last child u will ever have in life…my dear keep this one.u don’t know what future holds.if possible loose contact wit him.

Busolakole: How would a normal human being let the situation get to this? Six abortions already? God is such a merciful God!!

Louisachioma: Please don’t kill your baby again, keep your child and give him conditions on how to take care of him if not u expose the idiot

Cinteeyah01: See babe I no go lie you, that idiot is lying to you. He is coming up with stories to make you feel worse n finally abort the baby

Ceodexcel: Keep aborting dear until you finally remove your womb. Do u think he will ever marry you?. He will go for a clean lady that he is sure she has a womb. Be wise and retrace back your steps to God.

Miz_angiie: He should bear the consequences of his actions..what’s that. So you should now suffer for him? Better be wise

Qweendammy: That man never loved you


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