My pals wife sneaks into Kenya and doesn’t tell him yet he invested in her

On the Tuesday morning conversation, Maina asked listeners to respond to a statement that the late Simeon Nyachae wife Grace made urging men to invest in their wives to avoid being dumped and left lonely years later.

“I listen to you calling your wives devils, mashetani but do you realize what you do to this woman determines how she treats you in old age? Maina asked. Ladies, huu ni mwaka wa kuambiana ukweli. Do you understand the correlation between how you treat her now and how she treats you later in your life” Maina said

One man said it’s rubbish to invest in Kenyan women, calling them ungrateful, all this because of his pals experience with a women who took off after he paid for her life abroad.

“I have a friend of mine who made plans for his wife to go to America, and he went out of his way to make sure of that. She disappeared kabisa. Now last year, she sneaked into Kenya for the holidays and the man never knew she came home. Yani, her Kenyan husband didn’t know, yet she went to America two years ago, she is supporting her Kenyan husband, and came back for the Christmas holidays, for around one month, the husband did not know she was around. She went back to America, she was using her American line to make calls so he never suspected she was in Kenya. I’m told she even married someone else in America. Let me tell you Maina, educate our Kenyan men to stop being dunda heads, you meet with a slay queen, invest in her then along the way, you are dumped then you start drinking kumi kumi, it’s about time we men start learning from other mens experiences”

Dear Classic 105 fam, do you agree?

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