My nieces call me to buy them food because their parents are lazy



Are you being financially exploited by your family members, who sit back and expect you to foot all their bills?

This is the nasty experience of one Kenyan woman who painfully narrated to Maina Kageni how she pays bills for her siblings who are too lazy to work.

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She adds that the reason for bankrolling her siblings families is because of guilt.

She feels guilty if she neglects her nieces and nephews’ financial needs yet their parents couldn’t be bothered to work.

‘It reaches a point nobody is paying school fees, and when I say no the kids call me telling me auntie sijaenda shule, I am educating 3 children, and my sister used to work but now she is not working, she just sits in the house, and I pay rent for her,’

This abuse in the hands of her family has seen her own children chased away from school for lack of fees.

‘I’m a single parent and my daughter was today left by the school bus, and I have other  because I haven’t paid school fees yet I also pay for others. My child is suffering because of this’

Her generosity is abused to the extent that her her siblings lie about looking for work

‘I ask her her plans for life and she says I don’t know she will look for a job even if its a househelp job, then in two three days she calls back saying they don’t have food, and her children are hungry. I see texts then I start thinking about the small children then I buy food, Maina even in my house when we don’t have food, I try saying no but it’s not working, I’m so heart broken,’

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Trying to hold back tears, the woman also added that pressure from her mother doesn’t help the situation

‘the painful part is the children who come back to me saying they have not eaten. Surely will you sit back and watch them, my mother calls me and tells me it’s my responsibility, it haunts me it pains me, it’s so hard maina,,

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