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‘My neighbor is running a brothel despite quarantine,’ woman confesses

Kenyans defying the stay at home orders to halt Covid 19 spread, on Tuesday came under attack from Health CS Mutahi Kagwe who blasted them as  ‘indisciplined’.

Here is what he said about those who defy the stay at home order

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“Kenyans indiscipline is really costing us. We now have 9 more positive cases making the total to 25. Its unfathomable that we can’t adhere to government measures, the day this crisis bites hard, you still turn to government with cries of “serikali saidia”

This formed the Wednesday morning discussion on Classic 105.

Maina Kageni explained that the simple order to stay at home is necessary to break the chain of transmission.

Mwalimu said

“hii mambo ya kukaa nyumbani its not about those who have money, it’s for our own sake, its for a short while itaisha, it’s possible it happened in 1918, na ikapita, we can do better’

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Kenyans responded to Maina with blame games about why some are obeying and others are not likely.

One lady admitted to Maina that her neighbor is running a brothel and the traffic flow is quite heavy as she put it

Caller: “My neighbor has a guest house. People are coming in and going out. Why are they still operating surely?” #MainaAndKingangi

Another added

the level of arrogance is alarming in kenya.

Mutahi Kagwe is tired and stressed. He is a Commander putting a brave face for his soldiers. He is doing a good job but Kenyans need to help him being more disciplined stay home mee

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They are ready any time,
Stay at home and still they will be ready again when U starve,
Are we doing enough really? Italy started with 2 cases end of January, now they have 59,000+ confirmed cases, over 5,500 deaths. Kenyans are not changing. We are still playing with death. #LockDownKenya

lockdown meme
Maina the government showed us how to ignore the covid-19 right from the start. What do you expect?
Kenyans are just ignorant with the highest ,they still feel it’s a joke..two weeks is enough to fight this thing, if we just cooperate..even if it’s by force #MainaAndKingangi

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