Rose Nyabate

‘My mum was raped and killed despite her pleas’ Narrates Kenyan actress

Actress Rose Nyabate is a woman who has gone through so many hardships in life after her mother was raped, killed and body at a tender age.

Having had lost her dad at only 2, Rose says life has not been a bed of roses.

“I lost my dad when I was two. After his death, my mother relocated us to Eldoret and started a business there.

We stayed with my mum for a while before she passed away while I was aged four after being raped and killed.

I slept on the floor for months after giving my pastor my bed, alleges woman


One day my mother told me that I should not bother myself preparing dinner as she would be back to do so herself.

That night she never came home and I was only told that she had been found dead having been raped then killed .

The attackers did not only rape her, but they also stole our title deed, birth certificates and money. She always carried these documents with her every time she went to work”

After the death of their mum, Rose says her brother ran away from home. The two met when Rose was in form four.

She  further added that despite the watchmen nearby hearing her mother’s plea for help ,they did not come to her rescue.

“During the incident my mum screamed and the watchmen nearby heard her but they did not help her.

I had so much pain in my heart ,one culprit who had been arrested in connection to the rape was released.

I was the main witness but they did not believe my testimony because I was still young,From then my desire to be a lawyer became so strong.

I wanted to one day be able to defend my mum even though she is dead and bring her killers to justice.” 

Rose is a former actress on a local show ‘Hapa Kule’.

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