‘My mum called me crying,’ former Tahidi High actor OJ speaks about cyberbullying

Former Tahidi High actor OJ says he was killed on social media and this affected his family’s mental health.

Speaking on his new YouTube channel, Aki si Poa, OJ says cyber-bullying has affected most celebrities.

In 2016, OJ was killed via a couple of posts shared on Facebook and twitter by an unknown tabloid.

The story went viral as fans shared it on their social media pages while others jotted down emotional messages to appreciate the celebrity who had been killed by the Kenyan internet.

He was forced to go live so he could brush off the rumor and confirmed that he is still alive and kicking.

Well, OJ says his mother called him crying not sure he was the one who had picked his phone.

“My mother called me crying asking who was talking. A story about me had been put out there that I was caught in a robbery act and I had been gunned down,” he said.

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He called upon social media users and blogs to be sensitive with whatever they write about celebrities.

“We have families and so don’t just write anything about us,” he said.

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