My man won’t post me on social media, Kenyan woman tells Maina


Posting photos or moments with your spouse is a big deal to Kenyan women. More so when marking a milestone in your relationship.

One city mum cried out to Classic 105’s Maina Kageni that her husband never shares her pictures on his social media platforms. Maina shared her emotional story

She asked him sweetheart please post this for our anniversary and he said ‘No’.

It’s not a small deal to a lot of women, it’s a big deal.

Maina explained how pained she was by the ‘diss’ from her hubby of nine years.

‘She felt insulted, undervalued and said inauma sana (it’s so painful).

She felt this thing in her that was so painful and asked me if I think the husband is ashamed of her.BLACK-COUPLE-FIGHTING-640x415

Co host Mwalimu told her nto to be so consumed with doubt because that is something many husbands don’t do.

‘Zamani there was photo album, kwani anataka atangazwe kila mahali? That’s private property which shouldn’t be posted. That man is protecting her. If your man is not interested leave him along, if he posts with his boys, leave him alone its his social media.

But here’s the thing. If we’ve been dating a few months, you don’t have to share anything, but nine years and I get nothing!!!


It would be a good idea to ask him in person, and see if his answer is something reasonable. See if you can trust what he says. Let him know that the social media aspect is important to you. See if he’s willing to address your concerns and make modifications. If he doesn’t budge, then you know the answer.

Circumstances vary. There are couples who don’t post much stuff on social media. I think it would depend if he’s the type of person who is very active on social media or not as active.

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