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‘I suspect my man is dating his male best friend’ cries city woman

It is never easy to find out stuff about your spouse, things that you would never have imagined  of especially in regards to his sexual orientation .

Being a lesbian, gay or homosexual is frowned upon in most African settings but it breaks hearts when a partner finds out the truth when they least expected.

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A woman is caught between a rock and a hard place due to her husband’s behavior when speaking to a male family friend, leaving the woman questioning if the two are in a relationship.

She wrote,

“I am currently married to my husband for 1 year but we have been together for 4. He has a male best friend who he is very close to, they call each other brother. The problem is they are extremely close, they talk on the phone everyday for literally hours at the least 4 hours at a time. My husband doesn’t talk to him when he’s around me, and if he does he’s talking really soft and quiet as if he’s on the phone with a woman.


Even though they knew each other before me, I feel as though I should come first but that is not the case. They share everything with each other even what goes on in our marriage. I suspect that they are romantically involved, or in love with each other. Sometimes they sit on the phone without talking about anything, just listening to each other breath. I think my husband may be gay…. as I’m typing this they are sitting in the car together talking for almost 2 hours.. any advice will help. Has anyone ever been married to someone who was secretly gay”

Here are some of the responses from her fans who seemed to confirm her worst fear

sir_gbengene: Your husband is gay and that is his lover
generalstriker: Your husband is GAY!!!! Take it or take it
sagay_crayshay: He’s bi. Get over it
iamjosephinay: Please don’t assume. Try asking him questions about this friend.
toe_near: Secretly record him and you will find out the truth
neeomelu: Sure he didn’t marry you to just cover up?
lanreagbedeyi: He’s definitely not gay. Bisexual maybe, but not gay
cynthiajulius: He may not be gay. Just watch him closely
chefabellagold: He’s not gay and please try to talk things out with your husband ✌🏽

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