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‘My man has slept with 8 of our house helps, it is humiliating’ Cries Woman

Men sleeping with their house helps is not news anymore but a man has crossed the red line after sleeping with not one but eight house helps.

The man, who seems to have no control over his s3xual urges and has been taking advantage of their desperation to bed them,  does not seem remorseful inspite of being busted.

 “Please help am in a mess, my husband and I dated for 2yrs n I didn’t see any bad behavior before I agreed to marry him. I got married to him last year, fortunately God blessed us with the fruit of the womb immediately so my husband suggested we employ a maid due to the every morning sickness and vomiting I refused, he managed to convinced me and I accepted, 3months later he started sleeping with the girl, when I discovered I sent her away. He insisted I employed another one I refused he started fighting me and after I brought in another one again same thing happened I sent her away.”



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She goes on to narrate how her man has gone ahead  to sleep with all the house helps they have brought to their house despite the fact that she was pregnant.

“Continuously we change 8 house girls under 7months. Now getting to my due date we brought in a 22yrs old girl, she’s a virgin so my husband started touching her and she got angry and reported him to me, so when I asked my husband to please stop and that I knew about all the girls he has slept with in our house he got angry and asked me that what will I do him if he sleeps with them”


If you think that’s bad, the woman adds that her husband ran away after she delivered a baby boy stating that he wanted a girl.

“Now I have delivered a baby boy he ran away from home that he doesn’t want a baby boy that he want a girl. I need your help. I loaned him my 600k from business money and he has refused to pay me back. All the property in the house we contributed money to buy but now he refused to let me take any. He said he will send his sisters to come and collect my baby from me. “

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