My man has nine ‘secret’ children, woman confesses to Maina

The debate on why Kenyan men never reveal the kids they have had outside their marriage is trending in Kenya and for the wrong reasons.

This is after Governor Sonko revealed to the entire world that it’s indeed true that Ken Okoth had sired a son outside marriage.

Kenyans contributed on the topic and here is what one man had to say

I have a kid out of wedlock and my wife does not know.

Telling her would be a problem.

You just find yourself in this situations,the son is 7years.

I can never tell my wife,even if the other woman decides to pop up after I die well and good.

I won’t  be there to witness the drama.

A Kenyan woman goes in to confess that she is a victim of a man who is a womanizer.

I met him after high school and we got babies,my kids are 16-19.

We however did not get married.

woman crying.

He went ahead and got kids with 5 other women and the family knows.

If he was to die today atleast I will be recognized as the first wife.

She adds

I know all the kids and he takes care of them.

Even now I know the woman he is living with,out of all the six women I am the only one who has given him a girl.

That is why he can’t bear to leave me.

Another adds

I was dating this man and only found out he was married while I was pregnant.

The shocking thing is despite that he made me feel like I was the only woman I’m his life.

Shock on me,I came to find out he had 9 other kids.

when I was called and told he had died I just decided to keep off next I knew there would be drama.

In conclusion she advises

As a woman it’s up to you to decide how to react once you find out you are not the only one one.

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