‘My In-laws deserted us with their son’s bill of 1.2 million’ City woman

A female caller shocked Maina Kageni after confessing how her sister’s husband was in a coma for two months and no one from his family visited him.

She said that despite all this, her sister stood by her husband  until his last breath.

Maina let me share a story of my sister.

Her husband was diabetic and it reached a point he could not even go to work. All he could do is drink.

Many are the times he lied to my sister that he is at the office only for the secretary to confirm he had not even been seen at the premises.

One day he collapsed in town was in a coma for two months. My sister visited him everyday crying at his bedside as if the world was ending.

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A sick man resting on a hospital bed
A sick man resting on a hospital bed

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She adds

All this time no one from his family came to visit. At some point he died and left behind a bill of Ksh 1.2 million.

It reached a point where I would tell my sister that the man is already dead we should just take him to a morgue already but she adamantly refused.


When he died only one guy from his family came with Ksh 30,000. We sent them a budget and we finally managed to bury him after arranging for a harambee.

If your In-Laws are not supportive you can’t be able to support your man.

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