Cleaning floor using rag

My husbands girlfriend has been silently cleaning our house



An un-meployed man made sure his wife came back to a clean house, and she never did ask how he manged to do that.

He didn’t want his wife to lift a finger after a hard day at the office, and so found an ingenious way to do the chores.

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His wife narrated on social media just how she found out about his life.
This follows a question from a Twitter user who asked users whats the worst thing they have discovered about their relationship.

Nonki Sehume replied her shocking discovery. she says she can afford to laugh about the experience now but back then things were thick.

Back in 2010 my ex husband was unemployed, I’ll come back from work to a clean house everyday, washing would be done, sometimes even supper was cooked. Came back early one day and found this lady cleaning, turns out she was my husband girlfriend, she has been doing this all along

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Abdul Azeez.
Wow 😯, when I started reading your tweet, I was kinda happy for you but the end was read much slower like in a chocking state , did not expect that. So sorry 😐 about the traumatizing situation u been through. May the Almighty give u the strength to fully trust a lover again.

Olerato’s Mom❤️.
That man might have cheated but at least he was good at something, getting you a maid without having to waste any money. And that other woman damn she would have made a great sister-wife

Musawenkosi Mosia..
She knew her place and your hubby made sure you came back to a clean home and you didn’t have to lift a finger, you just rest nje after work. Husband of the decade award belongs to him


Ian Matukane..
Why did you go home early without alerting him!?


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