My husband stole 5k from my handbag for his mpango wa kando


Way too often couples avoid having transparent and open discussions about money because we assume that we’re on the same page as the other person. But we’re not. And by the time we figure that out, it’s too late.

A woman called in to contribute to the morning conversation about women and husbands and the tricky topic of money.

Maina Kageni wanted to know why wives give loans to husbands knowing very well, he won’t pay back. Ladies why do you lend your men money, Maina asked saying kama uchumi ni mbaya men should go out and hustle.

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Her story is something that to this day she considers resentful.

Pesa yangu ilitolewa kwa handbag 5k na mtu akaenda umalaya, he didnt even ask, na mahali nilificha I can’t imagine how he found it.

I was out on my daily hustle and coming back I couldn’t find the money and he never came back over night, the following day I asked him why he took my money and he said ohh I will give it back,


That was three months ago, alienda kwa mpango wake na akasepend uko, aliniibia, who else could it be? I have asked him now ni matusi naitwa mpaka mbwa, so I just look at him, he doesn’t know what the kids eat, I don’t think he will ever pay me back, naachia mungu and I know the mpango knows he stole my 5k, she does an d she uses my cash, they will pay back all those who are hurting us.

Another woman also has an equally annoying tale of her husband

I married a broke man but I had made some money and so I told him we invest it, and he would run it.

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He misused all the money I had earned for eight years, even when I was going to give birth I had no money even to buy diapers, he had misused the money. I left him after he mistreated me, amekuwa mtu ovyo he has even gone back to his mothers house.

How much money is she talking about losing?

He misused 100k that’s what men do to us in the name of love because I gave him this responsibility, and I loved him, that’s why I gave him the money, amejua hajui,


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