‘My husband makes the best chapos’ things that make husbands embarrassed in public

Have you ever encountered a female who ONLY EVER talked about her husband?

Ah I can see your eye roll already! and every conversation subsequently relates to her husband it just keeps going and going like they’re the only woman to ever have a husband.

But is it so bad to speak about your S/O?

Anyway this brings me to a conversation on Classic 105, where several men advised their wives to ‘go slow’ on talking about certain things while in the company of friends or relatives, owing to the embarrassment they suffer.

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Some of the things wives say about their husbands that embarrasses them in public are:

1. “I wish you could cook like Jane’s husband who makes nice chapos.”
2. “My dad could always fix stuff around the house, why can’t you?”
3. “The neighbor’s husband sure is in good shape. You should work out more like him.”

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4. “The neighbor’s husband just took his wife to Santorini. If you’d just work harder, you could afford to take me there.”

5. “You don’t even care if I get bored to death.”

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