“My Husband Is Not a SPONSOR” Stunning Actress Liz Njagah Cries Out After This Happened

Celebrated actress and film star Liz Njagah Konstantaras is not a happy woman after she found out that her photos are being used on a dating site that promises to hook up Kenyans with mzungus.

The renowned actress is married to film director Alex Konstantaras, who is also her manager and together they have been blessed with a cute baby boy after exchanging vows in 2012, in his homeland Greece.

Liz and Alex are no doubt one of the cutest celebrity couples in Kenya but someone out there wants to spoil it for the Tinsel movie star.


Liz alleges a Facebook user by the name, Jane Mueni, is using photos of her and her hubby to advertise and promote an interracial dating site, to dupe Kenyans.

Top Kenyan Actress Pregnant

The individual uses photos of interracial couples to market the site, and in one of the pics, you can notice a pregnant Liz Njagah cuddling with her husband, creating the impression Liz benefited from the services with a ‘sponsor’.

The celebrated actress has since taken several actions, with the first being to alert Kenyans that her pictures are being fraudulently used. She has also asked the individuals behind this to stop it.


Below is the profile of the dating service site that reads: “Connecting wealthy Rich sponsors to young gents and ladies in exchange of money cars etc”.

Liz went on a rant wondering why the said lady would use illegally acquired photos for an online dating service.

Please, abeg, what is this? My husband is not a sponsor, we didn’t meet on a dating site. If anyone knows this Jane Mueni could you please ask her to desist from using our pictures to advertise her fake website. This is just despicable.. NKT. And anyway, if her website was any good why can’t she pick pictures of actual ‘success stories’ instead of illegally using photos of Interracial couples that have nothing to do with her site..






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