Evelyn Wanjiru and her husband Agunda

‘My husband ignored me for 8 months’ Evelyn Wanjiru painfully recalls

Gospel artiste Evelyn Wanjiru and her husband Agunda Bweni serve up couple goals but their marriage is one of love, patience and understanding.

Agunda is a music producer, Evelyn, on the other hand, is a musician, music director a fashion designer and a mentor.

The couple who will celebrate their 7th wedding anniversary on April 7th opened up on how they met in a segment dubbed #LoveAtFirstSight which airs on a local TV station.

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Evelyn Wanjiru and her husband

Agunda says that he first fell in love with her voice

I had just been transferred to Nakuru for a job and so I decided to look for a church where I would be worshiping.

I tried the first,second at it is at the third church that I found her leading praise and worship. I instantly loved her voice.

When I looked at her I noticed she was lovable,so I said to myself that she would be my wife.I also decided not to approach her on the first day.

I took 8 months to do my research because ,I did not even know whether she was married or not.

I did not want to waste her time nor get into a relationship I would end up breaking.

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Evelyn Wanjiru

Evelyn, on the other hand, says that for her it was love at first sight.

I saw this young man coming in and I wondered who this cute man was.My heart was going very fast and  I could not even sing.

Every time I was given a chance to sing I would sing ‘Yesu Nakupenda’ by Rose Muhando as a love dedication to him so that he could at least notice me.

I would get out of the alter and sing karibu na yeye.That was my way of telling this guy vile nlikua namfeel.

Nilikua nimechapa that’s why he is saying he first loved my voice before teaching his heart to love me.

She adds 

There is a time the pastor said ‘turn to your neighbour and tell them God loves them’ .Believe you me my husband did not even turn.

I died a  million times inside but he later asked me for a date and my world came to a stand still.

Agunda goes on to add that Evelyn told him to wait for her for four years.

I told her that I wanted to marry her on the first date but she told me she was not ready for marriage.

She told me that I had to wait for four years and that is exactly what I did,by the time the four years elapsed we did not even notice.

We were deeply in love.

Evelyn is known for songs such as Mungu Mkuu, Tunakuabudu and Tulia which she has sung with Vicky Kitonga.

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