My husband has never hugged me since we married

A woman confessed to Maina something that left Mwalimu Kingangi disagreeing with her.

In all her years of marriage, the woman says her husband has never given her a hug.

She said

“If you are my man and you don’t give me what I need I will get it elsewhere and I will walk away.”

Maina we need to feel pampered as Kenyan women, we also need to feel loved, I mean if I get someone to make me feel good I will give him my heart because he is appreciating me.

Guys, Maina wants to know do you know the value of appreciating and pampering a woman?

Mwalimu wants to know is she a bear to get hugs? What is pampering, he also sought to know.

Mwalimu wants to know what kind of pampering women want with this kind of economy? He says the best pampering is men paying rent, buying meat etc.

Ladies, Mwalimu wants to know, how should men pamper you?

Men if you don’t pamper your women, whoever does it for her will get something in return.

Kimani from Thika called saying, wacha ni kwambie unawatetea, ukitaka mwanamke amee pembee endelea hivyo, 

Another said the reason they doesn’t give hugs is simply because they women are too spiky.

We sample some views from our Twitter feed below.

@MucangiV..Good morning Maina?The only women I can pamper is my mother, my children and my wife should come last…my wife is there for companionship nothing else.
@ItsMainaKageni women you’ve made a habit of downplaying your blessings, being unsure of the good things that come your way, being afraid of whether the good things that come will stay, but don’t you see that you can never attract what you’re not ready for?

For that last caller Maina if I could be near him, ningemchangamkia Kofi moja,
What is he saying? Busy Unanitafutia mambo mengi gani ? You don’t have time to hug😏😏.Mambo mengi unatafuta Ni shida na wasichana nkt!! Go drying!!!
@[email protected] @Classic105Kenya Eti I pamper my wife? For what? Why? How? Pampering died when I made you pregnant, when I paid dowry for you, it went with dating. Saizi ni kulea na kujenga boma na familia. What’s wrong with you women? Damn #MainaAndKingangi

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