My husband expects me to treat him like a King when he’s broke

The issue of which spouse mistreats the other more took centre stage on Classic 105 in a heated discussion where both genders blamed each other for failing marriages.

One woman told of how her husband mistreats her when he has money, but turns around and wants her to be good to him when he is broke. Huh?

I give my husband ten bob for fare and ignore him at the matatu stage

She told of her pain and agony in a horrible marriage

“Let me telll you Maina, these men don’t feel sorry for them when they are bullied by their wives. There is a reason she is behaving that way, Because when they have money and a job they have girlfriends and they stay away in weekends. They show us mathadrau then by bad luck they lose their job and money then come back home and sit there expecting to be treated like a King. If he is being bullied by the wife and told to wash clothes and dishes, wacha he does it. They also mistreat us, when he is broke he is with me, but when he has money he madharaus me with tons of girlfriends, they deserve to wash dishes. I was hustling with my husband, we made money and he had three side chicks that time. Suddenly he got broke and jobless, then he started coming home early expecting me to be nice to him, mimi? wacha wabadilishe diaper na sisi tukae chini tukiona tv, they deserve it”

Dear girls, does your husband or boyfriend mistreat you when he has money but expects you to treat them like Kings when broke? Drop us your comments below.

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