My husband eloped with a cucu slay queen because I don’t wear makeup

Men often tell women that there is nothing as good as being natural, being real and that wearing makeup is a turn off.

A plain Jane is what we call her.

The definition of plain jane is a girl that is plain, ordinary and not especially memorable or special.

Call The Fashion Police: Photos Of World’s Worst Makeup Fails Goes Viral

A woman who has been living this way has come to regret it.

She was dumped by her husband for an older woman who loves wearing tons of makeup and expensive wigs.

The woman tearfully narrated how he has all along insisted to her not to wear makeup because she is beautiful the way she is.

I think I should have lived that life, women go through these things because men love lies

She began her life experience.

I’m only 32, with two kids. I’ve spent my life saving all my money without spending on my hair and makeup.

My husband convinced me to.

How did she come to be dumped

My husband introduced me to an older woman whom he said was his friend. He later eloped with her. Right now you are talking about mobile lending that is where I am going, because I don’t understand. I’m not that expensive Im’ easy to maintain and he ended up eloping with a woman old enough to be my mum, and all the money we saved went to her.

I have nothing I have to move to a single room,

Did you know cuddling has health benefits? Here are some of them

Honestly do guys prefer girls with or without makeup? Moral of the story?

Do you girls.

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